Chiu Chow Food at Sheung Wan Cooked Food Centre

Posted: May 11, 2014 in dinner
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I never cared to try another Chiu Chow Restaurant as I quite enjoy the service and atmosphere at Neptune Chiu Chow in TST East at the Energy Plaza.  A friend wanted to try the Chiu Chow restaurant at Sheung Wan Cooked Food Centre so it was perfect time to compare the difference.  The pricing was drastic with no noticeable difference in quality except the lack of table linen, hard liquor and private rooms.  You do not venture to the street markets in search of fine dining and exceptional quality.  The owner was grumpy at first but warmed up to us as soon as we sat down, showing we were indeed customers.  We stuck to the traditional chiu chow dishes.

First dish, oyster pancakes.  The dish arrives with fish sauce and a pepper shaker.  It rids the dish of the fishy smell.  Fish sauce is pungent and with a touch of pepper the pancakes go down easy.



Satay beef on a bed of vegetables.  The beef is drenched in satay sauce.




Lemon sauce fish.  $80.  The fish is steamed with lemon rind which is suppose to infuse flavour into it.  Another take on this dish is to steam the fish in lemon juice.  Lemon juice provides a sharper more refreshing taste.  I didn’t taste the lemon rinds until biting into it.  The fish was good.


Seasonsal veggies in soup.  We wanted to stay away from the fried varieties to keep it healthy.  It’s cooked in broth with pork belly.



The noodles are very traditional. It’s fried until the outside is crispy.  You dab a touch of vinegar and sugar over top with each bite.Image


Total cost for 3 people and 5 dishes, $352.  It works out to be $120/person.

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