Cooked Food Centre at Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen.

Posted: May 9, 2014 in breakfast, food, lunch, snack
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The location is on the outskirts of Aberdeen, after you get out of the tunnel you will need to take the Sports Playground stop.  The building is currently going through a big renovation as construction is abound throughout the whole area.  It’s across the street the future Wong Chuk Hang MTR station.  The market is devoted solely to food vendors, 24 in total.  Majority of which are cooking chinese cuisine but they do have 2 thai vendors as well to which I was suppose to enjoy.  I made 4 loops around the cooked food centre before a chef called out from the kitchen for me to sit down.

On the ground floor you will find this vendor, their specialty is frying things with salt and pepper.  Their signature item is the pork chop but they can accomodate vegetarians with tofu, squid and/or eggplant.  20 pounds of pork chop is delivered each and every day in which it goes through a  marination process of curry for 2 days before serving.

2014-05-07 15.19.12


The dish arrived like so

2014-05-07 15.22.54


The owner sat down to talk and plated it once I pulled out the camera.  He loves deep frying the meat and you can taste it.  Each bite of pork was moist and fried layer was always crunchy.  This man specializes in it.  The walls of his refrigerator are adorned with awards and accolades for a time when he was cooking at high end restaurants.  He now prefers the laid back atmosphere of cooking for food lovers, not just those with big wallets.

2014-05-07 15.24.39-1 2014-05-07 15.24.43


I had to take a picture after lifting the meat.  They put a home made soy sauce on the rice to give it flavour.  The little things that go unappreciated set it apart, the home made soy sauce, the owner sitting down to chat, their desire to stick to their own schedule will make me a repeat customer.

2014-05-07 15.27.31


Customers have been known to being fresh seafood so they can work their deep fry salt pepper magic on it.  They don’t mind but they prefer if customers do it in the late afternoon, not before closing.  Their operating hours are 6am-6pm.  If you plan for them to cook your batch of  seafood, show up at 4:30-5, not 6pm as they want to be on their way home.  Total damage $29 HKD.


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