Tseung Kwan O – if you chose to venture out

Posted: April 30, 2014 in food, snack
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There is absolutely nothing to do in Tseung Kwan O.  Another trip out to this specific new territory is not on the schedule at the moment.  Everything is built up around the malls, even the residential buildings so there exists no reason to venture out on the street.  The area does have something you never see in HK, bike and running paths.  It would be great to bike around the area but they lack bike rentals.

If you do find yourself in Tseung Kwan O, Tim Ho Wan has a location out there.  Tim Ho Wan is the cheapest michelin star restaurant in HK and they are famous for their dim sum.  It is located on the ground floor of Popcorn 2.



After gorging on Dim Sum, it’s time to take in the sights.  Cielo is the restaurant/bar on the top floor of Crowne Plaza hotel.  There are two hotels in the area and they are both located in Popcorn.  Crowne Plaza and Holiday Inn.  It’s on the 47 floor of the hotel.



2014-04-28 15.42.56

The drinks are cheap. $40 beers.  Wine list is terrible.  I rely on hotels to provide stellar wine recommendations but this does not seem the hallmark of hotels in the outlier regions.  One is paying for the view and fresh air.  After taking in the views and working on the tan, it’s time to look for dining options as Tseung Kwan O seems to be lacking in this area, it’s off to Hang Hau village.

Hang Hau village is a short walk from Tseung Kwan O and in the village beside Funing Garden (Tseung Kwan O Hospital), you will find many family restaurants plying the trade, everything from fresh seafood and diner food to steaks.  The area is about 4 blocks deep and 6 blocks wide of low rise 4 story apartments, village living.  Most of the restaurants had yet to open for dinner service so I will be back on a subsequent visit.  The best steak in HK is suppose to be available in the village at the one and only steakhouse.

2014-04-28 16.47.43

I found this joint inside a market in Funing Garden.  They are known for their beef brisket.   $28.



This is their beef brisket soup.  The brisket had nice texture to it so I imagine it has been slow cooked for a long time.



Close up view of the marbling where the fat has all but disappeared into the soup.Image


I will eat here soon, their wet market 2014-04-28 17.44.44



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