Wine in the Congo – Baron de Madrid

Posted: April 26, 2014 in wine
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The French supermarkets in the major cities of Pointe Noire and Brazzaville carry a fine selection of French wines.  In typical French fashion, they only carry French goods at a highly inflated price point.  It caters to a predominantly expat crowd on expat packages.  I was stationed in a town called Mossendjo and there does not exist a developed market for one to spend their money.  The little corner stores will gladly sell to you but to really make a dent in company money, buying direct from the distributor ensure the best possible pricing.


This is the wonderful wine available in Mossendjo.  It comes in a tetra pack box.  They are certainly more accepting of new innovation in Congo compared to everywhere else.  Wines must come out of a glass bottle outside of Africa but if you take a moment to really look at the packaging, most wines don’t even use real corks.  If it doesn’t use a natural cork, it might as well come out of a plastic bottle or tetra pack box as its made for immediate consumption.  I can’t even imagine how the wine tasted but I can tell you after a few weeks of no alcohol, this wine was a welcome elixir on my taste buds.



Quick Google query shows Baron de Madrid is a table wine.  It didn’t really taste like anything but grape juice, it also lacked the alcoholic nose of cheap wines.  I would bet it’s the hot weather dulling all senses.  I never did get a buzz off of it either, it was cheap by HK standards(3500CFA) but expensive compared to the local varieties.




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