Cartson’s cart noodles in Causeway Bay

Posted: April 24, 2014 in lunch
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Cartson’s is a new take on stereotypical blue collar cuisine – cart noodles.  The name comes from the fact cart noodles were at one point in time served out of make shift carts with the ability to chose your own toppings to accompany noodles and soup.  It’s suppose to be a simple no-frills type of meal to quickly fill the stomach allowing you to power through the rest of the day.  Cart noodles can be found anywhere and everywhere in HK – at the ferry terminals, mall food courts and quick food vendors.  I find it alongside most places serving curry fish balls so I tend to avoid it.  This is my first time sampling cart noodles.



They are in the midst of putting together an English menu.  I had no clue what to order.  They have 6 specials vs making your ow.  I chose one of the six, each one is colour coded and I chose red.  Each option ranges from $58-$68.  I came away with 2 pan seared salted fish cakes, pig trotter and some sort of fish roll in a tomato soup.  The poached egg is a standard for all bowls.  I never eat trotter so this is my punishment for not being able to read the Chinese characters.



I didn’t take a picture of the noodles but Cartson’s uses a spaghetti macroni noodle which allows one to maximize the amount of soup in every bite.   It did taste good and I loved the tomato chunks in the soup.  The enoki mushrooms and cilantro was a nice touch, reminiscence of hot pot.  The serving size was large so it’s enough to fill the stomach with room to devour the appetizers they offer.  They are still fine tuning their recipes so its best to try before they lock it down.


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