Little Lab, the best bar in Soho’s Staunton Street

Posted: April 23, 2014 in drinks
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I went back for a subsequent visit to Little Lab as my initial post has been garnering the most site visits for this blog.  Great night for 10 friends and the drinks kept flowing.

My night at Little Lab started quite late and ended hazy a seemingly three hours later.

Thank you Alex, Cyrus and Joe.

Here is the breakdown of drink costs on my bill:


  • HK tea time $110
  • Roselle Fizz $110
  • Eastern Old Fashion $135
  • Modern Tracle $115
  • The Newbom $110
  • best round of shots for the night, “42 below” $70 each.

The best drink of the night was their take on HK pregnant ladies favorite craving: pig trotter, ginger and black vinegar.  They make the soup concoction in house and garnish with a quail egg that has been steeped in the soup with a ginger swirl.  It’s a must try at Little Lab.

2014-04-22 22.04.24


The three bitters into the vodka shot below combined to give a rice pudding flavor.  It sent everyone back to their childhood eating the delectable HK snack via the street vendors.

2014-04-18 02.12.28-1



Little Lab’s FB page –

Their instagram –


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