HK style milk tea, the can variety.

Posted: April 22, 2014 in snack
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Milk Tea is a normal drink in every day life.  Everyone seems to love it and they drink it everyday.  It goes well with most things and once you have it often enough, you start to crave it with your meals.  Each restaurant has a different take on it and I have been having issue with recreating it at home.  The tea concentrate is a trade secret to most restaurants and is a concoction of many different teas brewed together.   All the 7-11s and convenience stores stock a selection of milk teas in their freezers but they all lack the substance that makes the fresh variety taste better.  I recently tried the Dragon Air Milk Tea in a can and it tasted exactly like the fresh variety found at all the local HK cafes.





It seems to be the Sri Lanka Red Tea is the culprit found in the ingredient list rather than the English red teas.  It’s time to contact their customer enquiry line to see where I can purchase for home consumption.  Another beverage that HK needs is Taiwan’s barley drink.


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