Zees Leather – custom made shoes in HK

Posted: April 21, 2014 in clothing
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Hong Kong is a haven for artisans as anything you can imagine is available here.  Custom made suits cost the same price as off the rack suits on sale back at home.  For the price of off the rack suits, you get custom made with fabric from high end italian mills.  Everyone wears custom made suits here and most tourists will go in for a fitting to take a few back home.  It’s big business here.  The overseas clientele is significant enough for the tailors to book trips out to visit and open out to new customers.  Prices range from $1000 at a bare minimum to $3500 for something nice enough to wear out.  Anything over the $6k mark and you’re in high end fine detailing work.  Stay out of the tourist joints in TST as their business is solely set up to rip off, not for repeat customers.  Ground level shops will always cost more as they rely on walk in traffic, you want to find the tailors located off ground level shops so they have a lower fixed cost which they can pass off to you.  I use Simpson’s Tailors and Bonham Strand.

It is striking in a city where you can have anything custom made to your whim, high end fashion labels still flourish.  I can hire a leather maker to make me a one off bag which no one else will have, in a style I love, for less than the cost of anything created by the high end fashion houses.  Yet the consumers here still flock to the likes of LV, Prada, Chanel, Bottega Venetta etc.  For shoes, custom made English are the epitome of luxury for guys.  If you take a photo of the shoes you want, the leather makers can do it for you.  One such business is Zee’s Leather Company.  They can make shoes, bags, belts and anything for you in leather.  Shoes is their main business.  Each pair will cost $1700.  It includes normal calf leather, goodyear welting and all detailing.  Costs go up when you want it made out of exotic skins (crocodile).

I could not find Aldens and Allen Edmonds in Hong Kong and the price points for the stores that did stock it were above MSRP; thus, the decision to go custom made.


I asked for a natural sole as the majority of shoes have a black sole or a colour matching the shoe. Image

I hope they go well with jeans.Image

Another thing that is well known in Hong Kong is over stock/over runs.  These are Native shoes/Crocs but now rebranded Coquis.  Last year I was still able to buy the Native/Crocs brand but this year only the Coquis are found.  Identical in every way except the brand.  $49 for a shoe you can trash for summer.  Boat shoes have nothing on one piece injection molded plastic.  It keeps my feet nice and dry albeit they come out very dirty after a day of walking.


  1. bluebalu says:

    I’m curious to give Zee’s Leather Company a try – where would I find them? Do they only do shoes or also bags?

  2. they are located across the Sheraton Hotel in TST. 5-6 Middle Road, Shop 18.

    They do shoes, bags, leather belts and wallets. You can have them do everything all at once to make a matching set. It’s best to show them pictures of the shoes you want them to create rather than relying on their mock-ups. I would suggest going shoe shopping at the nice stores in Central and taking many photos.

  3. lujo says:

    Does Zees have an online catalog of sorts…?

  4. dave says:

    The above shoe is super nice and attracting. Where do u bought it(as in location) and how much u bought it?rss

  5. We buy stock items if there any stock then contact us

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