Torre Castillo Reserva Jumilla Vino Tinto 2007

Posted: April 19, 2014 in wine
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Winery: Torre Castillo

Varietal: Monastrell and Sabernet Sauvignon

Nose: ripe sour plums, not earthy nor overly alcoholic so it doesn’t burn

Taste: normal ripe/sweet grapes but with a chocolate finish.  You have to decant this one as the taste profile keeps changing.  It mellows out after a few hours compared to first uncorking so the bitter finish disappears.

I don’t think I would buy this wine again.  It’s not easy to drink for my palette and doesn’t fit my taste profile.  I suspect this wine may go very well with potato chips and pocky.  It needs very salty goods to really shine, McDonalds french fries come to mind.  Worst drink for a hot summer’s day.  It would pair very well with ice cream as the chocolate finish will leave a sweet taste in your mouth.




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