Madam S’Ate in Elements (kowloon)

Posted: April 18, 2014 in beer, breakfast, expensive, lunch
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Food prices were high so I had large expectations.  The outside patio is strictly self serve, they can’t serve you alcohol nor food but they are able to put out their own chairs and tables.  In typical HK fashion, this makes no sense whatsoever.  They had 3 different beers on tap, each pint is $75-$80.  Expensive indeed?

The whole point of craft beers is to give consumers another option at a similar price point to more mainstream brews.  Craft beers work very well overseas as the price points are more attractive but after factoring shipping cost the economics no longer make sense.  Cue in local producers, there are 3 off the top of my head.  The three local HK craft beer producers should be on tap at any bar as bars are dependent on local support.  The craft brewery in Seattle or Auckland can’t give you the support that your local brewery can provide.  The local breweries can also fine tune to your tastes, good luck asking a non-HK based brewery to do such a thing.  Their whole marketing strategy is to remain local, not sell overseas nor produce big production as their loyal client base would deem it as selling out.  The craft beer movement only works with local breweries and to that end, I hope my restaurants and bars throw their support behind their local brethren.

Back to the food.  I was expecting the following for $130 as it looked delicious.



Typical brit fare, it looked quite edible and appetizing compared to their photo.  I could have made the same meal at home with items purchased at 360 downstairs.  Half a sausage, half a tomato, you can’t see the toasted brioche as its covered under everything else making it soggy.  This meal was a greasy endeavour which required ample pints of beer to wash down.

2014-04-12 12.24.20

The taste was ok and it’s probably one of the better options available in the promenade area of Kowloon Station.  I disdain the price point of their beers so I was hoping the quality of food would make up for it, nope.  Decent for the price but better options out there to line your valuable stomach space.  Life is way too short to eat this good food.  Whitespot downstairs would make a choice as they offer milkshakes.  With lower price foods I know what I am getting so my expectations are quite low but with Madam S’ate type foods I expect a bit more.

It’s a brunch joint, they should offer the option for free flow as I would imagine most of the clientele will be from the elements catchment area so they can easily crawl home.  Most of the restaurants in the promenade were not busy but Madam S’ate would be the best of the bunch as judged by the number of customers.  The old adage of never starting a restaurant in place of a failed restaurant does not seem to apply to Hong Kong.  Awesome patio and great vibe so it’s perfect for a sunny day if you happen to be at Elements.  I would not venture over just to dine at this place.

  1. I couldn’t resist commenting. Very well written!

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