South African Wines. Hotel Icon plays host in TST East

Posted: April 17, 2014 in POV, wine
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Yesterday was the 20 year anniversary of Democracy in South Africa and to celebrate the counsel in HK held a wine tasting to commemorate it.  The event was organized by Tersina Shieh and 200 different wines were on display along with about 20 importers with South African wines in their stable.  I only cared to sample the Pinotage variety as its native solely to South Africa.  The majority of the wines did not fit my palette.  There was one lone standout which I had to sample on four different occasions to ensure my initial sampling was correct.


Winery: Stanford Hills Jacksons

Varietal: Pinotage

Taste: ripe kiwis on the nose (the green fuzzy variety), tart, citrus with a hint of sour but sweet as well.  I thoroughly enjoyed the flavour as I have never experienced a wine with this distinct taste.

This wine was near the end of my day.  I was going through the motions with the majority of the wines in the later half until I got to taste this one.


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