HK’s very own craft brewery: Young Master Ales

Posted: April 16, 2014 in beer
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My drinks side of the blog has not been keeping up with the eating side.  I use to love beers but age is starting to catch up and my metabolism is slowing so beers are easy for the aging body to turn into fat.  Alcoholic grape juice seems to be a constant now.

I have been in HK for over 1.5 years and craft beers are now starting to garner significant attention.  There are many local importers of craft beers but never their own craft brewery.  Young Master Ales is HK’s first craft brewery and any fan of craft beers should give it a chance.  Please stay local.

Rohit Dugar is the guru behind the endeavour and he’s fusing ingredients found in HK into his beers.  He is also collaborating with other breweries to gain access to their hops giving his brews a distinct foreign taste.  It’s a lot better tasting than the slop they call high end Blue Girl that’s all the rage in HK.  Blue Girl is suppose to be awesome and everyone agrees they charge a high end price point yet if it’s so wonderful, why is it not sold anywhere else?  The trickery they play on HK to capture market share.  My hope is for craft beers in HK to replicate the success similar to their overseas breathren.  Provide a beer at a similar price point of the major breweries so you provide consumers with a choice, your beers will win on its own if you’re crafting it properly.  Too often consumers get stuck with the status quo in the selections.  I go out to eat so I can explore, enjoy and try something new – this should be the mantra that allows non-popular beverages to sell itself; so long as you price it effectively affordable.

For this feature event, Young Master Ales did a collaboration with Renaissance Brewing (NZ) using their hops for their Siu Sauvin Single Hop White IPA.  It had a flower taste with a typical beer bitter finish.  It was easy to drink for the girls and light tasting so it should be low on calories.  The brewery paired their beers with a wide array of bar food – ribs, deep fried chicken wings, chicken and beef sliders and french fries.  An ideal array of food for devouring using fingers not utensils.  Standing room only and in typical beer fashion, no suits.  Great.

2014-04-15 18.53.27

My food spread.

2014-04-15 19.09.21

A nice feature of the beers since its brewed locally is the fact its unpasteurized.  I have always wanted to sample unpasteurized beers since reading about it many years ago as a feature to travel to Vietnam, as it was one of the few places in the world to still keep alive this tradition.  It would seem most craft beers are sold unpasteurized so aside from tasting different than the more traditional offerings, it’s also healthier.

2014-04-15 19.11.09


The Young Master glasses would have made the beer taste even better.  Alas, Beef & Liberty did not have any so we were drinking out of generic beer mugs.

2014-04-15 19.10.03


I can’t wait to sample their other beers.  As its summer time, I hope they use local fruits to make a hefeweizen.  A blackberry hefeweizen would be delicious.


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