Spain’s Barbazul red wine

Posted: April 15, 2014 in wine
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Winery: Huerta de Albala

Varietal: 50% Tintella de Rota, 35% Syrah, 10% Merlot and 5% Cabernet Sauvignon

Nose: smells Earthy (young), acidic (citrus), cherry mocha and a hint cucumber or lettuce.

Taste: very easy to drink, similar taste profile to a pinot noir so low tannins and acidity.  The one thing that stands out on this red wine is its sweet finish.  It was easy to drink on its own so I would imagine it makes a great house wine or weddings where you need everyone to consume it.

I bought the wine as the label was striking in its simplicity, Barbazul with a dancing horse.  It doesn’t list the winery or any supporting information relying solely in the absence of data and the picture to win you over.




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