Kowloon City has a large thai population.  It’s most famous for the Kowloon Walled City which has since been dismantled and a garden put in it’s place.  It’s also the only place in Hong Kong to get a large assortment of authentic thai items.  Many cooked food centres will have a thai vendor stocking the most popular items but you will need to venture out to Kowloon City for fresh ingredients.  It’s easy to make thai curry from scratch but even easier to find a vendor selling fresh made thai curries.  If you ask nicely, they’ll even take you to the back and allow you to mix and match the curries for your taste buds. Subbing out certain veggies you dislike (bamboo shoots) and over indulging in eggplants.  This is the only vendor (outside of restaurants) I was able to find 6 months ago that made curries fresh every single day.  Now the street is full of vendors mimicking the same business plan.


This is a selection of their wares – red, green, orange and any other curry you can think of.  Each packet is enough for one dish or one person.


They also sell fresh fruits and seafood, parcel out into individual serving size so you can cook at home.  Shell fish and squid below, flavour pack is in its own separate container.


Fresh sliced green mangoes.  Watch the sauce packet – it’s a mix of salt, sugar and hot peppers.  Do not pour over the mangoes but rather dip. $25.

DSC04462 DSC04464

More photos of this Thai grocer.

DSC04456 DSC04455 DSC04457

We stumbled upon this restaurant, they have two locations in the area.  New location not so busy but original location has lineups out the door.  They are known for their baked beef buns which have a tendency of exploding all over your shirt as soon as you bite into it.  Minimum order is 2 buns for $33.



Kowloon City’s Islam Food.



Next up, Kowloon’s Hung Hom.

This place is known for it’s noodles.  They make the dried noodles that do not require a soup base packet as the noodles are infused with flavour during creation process.  It’s probably Hung Hom’s greatest food contribution it’s always busy.  They also make fresh noodles for you to create your own soup noodles which they sell by weight.


Cheung Wing Kee, the best shrimp roe noodles in Hong Kong

Best Xiaolongbaos in HK.  Din Tai Fung is good but I’m all for supporting small local businesses and as such, this xiaolongbao joint in Hung Hom is HK’s finest.


best shanghainese food in Hong Kong found in Hung Hom. Xiaolongbaos.


Hung Hom’s Xiaolongbaos

Fried Chicken, Jollibees.  2 piece chicken combo with mushroom rice and cold drink $45.  Mushroom rice is cream of mushroom sauce on top of rice.  It’s not even Campbells Cream of Mushroom, I would imagine it’s canned mushroom in their gravy sauce.  It’s good.  Fried chicken was moist.



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