Hong Kong’s diner food is our version of fusion cuisine.  It harks back to the 70-80s where outside influences left their mark on local foods.  French toast, spaghetti, macaroni with tomato based sauces bearing resemblance to canned tomatoes and hints of tang (ketchup).  It doesn’t taste all that great but you get a large portion of food which will stop hunger right away.  It’s also not entirely healthy with loads of butter and processed mystery meat concrete colour sandwich ham.

I happen to be in Causeway Bay on Sunday braving the crowds in the rain and cutting through everyone by using rain drippings off my umbrella to clear a path.  Glee Cafe is a very stereotypical HK diner joint, it doesn’t offer the variety as local favorite fast food chain, Tsui Wah, but I feel the need to support small independent establishments whenever possible.


This is their menu, this is the comfort food for people growing up in Hong Kong:


Pay attention to the big bold numbers, those are the lunch and tea time sets.  You get better value and a larger assortment of menu items.



I ordered the $36 set which has the following: Macaroni and bbq pork in soup, buttered toast, scrambled eggs and sandwich ham and a drink.  You can’t possibly go wrong, a hot meal for $36.



I decided to try their desserts afterwards as they are suppose to be well known for it.  Red bean and sago.


It’s literally red bean and sago with can coconut milk to bind it all together.  I’ll start making this at home on my own rather than paying $32.



My take on HK diner food is food you can easily make at home.  Macaroni and bbq pork? toast with butter? pan fry ham and scrambled eggs with milk?  It’s everything a lazy college kid could make.  I would substitute the bbq pork for hot dogs to add to my Kraft dinner macaroni and cheese.  It would be child’s play to put two slices of bread into a toaster and cover in butter afterwards.  Sub out scrambled eggs and ham for a scrambled eggs and bacon and we have a very typical NA type of meal.  Everyone has their own definition of home cooking and I am glad to be able to sample HK’s comfort food on a rainy sunday afternoon.


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