Prestige Okuzgozu 2008

Posted: April 6, 2014 in wine
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After the wonderful Galana, it’s time to stick to higher priced wines.  The wines at the $300 level taste a lot better than the sub $100 wines.  At the end of the day it’s just grape juice aged in oak barrels.  Only after watching the film Red Obsession so I now grasp the concept of the nuances of wine making and the culture surrounding it.  My goal will always be to find affordable wines which taste great.  On that note, I bought a bottle of Turkish red recently – 2008 Prestige Okuzgozu.  As the Galana was a 2005 vintage, I figure buying an older vintage in present day would provide a great tasting wine.  My mentality right now reflects this: If both wines cost the same price, go with the older one.

Big bold flavours.  It’s tasty.  I uncork and let sit for 2 hours before drinking.  Firm tannins with minerality.  I smell mushrooms and metals, taste walnuts and lingers with chocolate raisins.  I wouldn’t buy this one again.


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