Sardinia’s finest sparkling wine – Balari

Posted: April 4, 2014 in wine
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Name: Balari

Another white wine out of Cantina del Vermentino

Varietal: Vermentino di Gallura.  Indigenous Sardinian grapes.

Cost: $90 HKD

2014-04-04 09.57.37

Wine reviews say this wine has a bloom flowers nose.  It’s certainly fragrant but I am unable to pin down the bouquet of scents present.  Telling one it’s best to enjoy fresh is an understatement, it’s a sparkling wine.  I had better drink it fresh else all the carbonation and frizzante disappears.  I would want to pair this wine with heavy appetizers so the bubbles can get to work on cleansing my palette between each nibble.  This wine also has the DOCG label.  I figure the DOCG label was highly unusual and exclusive  but that’s 2 wines I have tasted over the past week with this label.  Quick google query shows Sardinian Vermentino grapes were granted DOCG status.  No hints of the tropics but its low price point makes it quite attractive for restaurants to sell by the bottle – Italian Champagne.  I don’t find this wine spectacular, it’s great if you want to support a small producer using a non-popular grape variety.

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