Another Sardinian Wine – S’eleme

Posted: April 3, 2014 in wine
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Name: S’eleme Cantina del Vermentino

Another wine from Sardinia’s wine coop Cantina Del Vermentino.

Varietal: Vermentino di Gallura, an indigenous Sardinian grape.

Cost: $100HKD


This was drunk with bread in the presence of two sommeliers raving about the full tropical fruit notes.  On sniff testing all I smell are orange and figs.  It’s dry tasting.  On tasting I note an abundance of orchard fruits and ginger.  I was told too often white wines are served too cold, numbing the tongue and dulling the ability to pinpoint flavours.  This wine was chilled and served after 20 mins at room temperature which should allow everyone to sample with relative ease.  The surprising thing with this wine is it’s DOCG ranking.  It has a low price point to be afforded something so exclusive.  It goes to show affordable wines can also achieve the same status as the high priced brethren.  It may be the only DOCG wine to come out of Sardinia with the ranking.



This would be a great wine to use as a base for Sangria.  It’s not overly sweet nor strong tasting, providing the perfect medium to showcase seasonal summer fruits.  I would stick orange, apple, figs, apricots, grapes and berries in there to get a high anti-oxidant count and start a new Italian tradition.  I would love to use this wine for a white wine sauce in my pasta to go with tomatoes, olives and artichokes with mozzarella cheese and finish with herbs.  It’s a affordable wine with DOCG ranking so its best to use it for all purposes.



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