Breakfast sandwiches from Catherine Bakery in Sheung Wan

Posted: April 2, 2014 in breakfast
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It’s hard to find real bread in Hong Kong.  The local take on bread is very sweet.  I know the bakers are trained in the traditional classical method but they fine tune their recipes for the local tastes.  One can always go to the expat bakeries but they charge too much for something so simple, bread.  It is just flour, water, salt and yeast.  HK’s humidity does a quick number of ruining bread and making it gummy.  I always make a habit of walking into local bakeries to see if they have real non-hk breads.

2014-04-02 09.54.38

Catherine Bakery has real bread.  They make them in rolls ($4.5), loaves ($8) and baguettes ($15).  This is a loaf.  The baguettes look more appealing but its tough to finish in one sitting as they are also the length of an arm.  The french baguettes are only available in the afternoon.  They don’t make it in the morning as they are busy preparing the local sandwiches for all the office crowds.

2014-04-01 12.26.53



I have been going to Catherines for the past 2 days for my post workout meal – fried egg, spam on a bun $10.  There’s also the option for fried egg & ham ($10), beef patty ($13) or baked cod filet (filet o fish in my previous post for $13).

2014-04-02 09.55.13

2014-04-02 09.55.26 2014-04-01 09.40.53


I didn’t think breakfast could get any cheaper than $12 but I have now wound it down to $10.  If you do visit this bakery, they have an open kitchen so you can easily peer into the back and see the bakers in various stages of undress as it gets hot working around ovens all day.


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