Best wine so far for this blog – Sardinia’s Galana

Posted: April 2, 2014 in wine
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Winery: Sardinia’s wine coop Cantina Del Vermentino Monti

Varietal:  25% Cagnulari, 25% Carignano, 25% Cabernet Sauvignon, 25% Sangiovese (we have indigenous Sardinia grapes mixed with traditional French grapes).

Small batch production so limited supply and a logistical nightmare which is very typical of Italy.  Now throw in the fact it’s a special autonomous region located on the Islands off of Italy and you have wonderful long lead times.  Sicily is the ball meeting the foot.  Sardinia is the island located on top of the ball after it has been kicked.  I’m told the weather makes for great growing conditions as rainfall is never too high with dry hot summers and scorching sundays and mild winters with cool nights but never below freezing.  This is suppose to be the ideal conditions for wine making.  Typical island living on the Mediterranean?  It makes for a sexy story.

I can’t deny this wine was purchased solely based on its aesthetics – wine bottle looks normal but in your hands you realize it’s just a little off as its not symmetric as compared to the norm.  The label is a reminder of the dry Mediterranean climate – mummies and aliens.


I didn’t like this wine on first taste but I let it sit for a few hours and it did taste better.  It was pricey ($350HKD) and I was sold on the sexy story and the indigenous grapes so figure it would be a great purchase to review and blog.  It doesn’t leave the sharp bitter aftertaste found in the really cheap wines.  The aftertaste is mellow after uncorking so to me it represents something special.  Its not fruitty and am unable to pinpoint the smells but it did taste nutty.  Almonds.  The flavours were too complex for me to process but I did enjoy it.  None of the scents and flavours were overwhelming.  I figure it might be the fact its a 2005 vintage and anything old in the wine world seems to be more enjoyable.  I am unable to pinpoint why I enjoyed it so I will reflect on the fact it must be the higher price point.  Studies have shown wine pricing has the biggest impact on consumer perceptions of wine enjoyment.

I drank the wine with a bowl of tomatos and ginger in a olive oil and white vinegar dressing.



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