Cod filet breakfast sandwich from Catherine Bakery

Posted: March 28, 2014 in breakfast
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A HK bakery’s take on McDonald’s Filet O Fish.  The sauce has more tang than the tartar sauce and the sandwich lacks a steamed bun and half a slice of cheese.  The Filet O Fish cost $16 in the morning and $9 during the day as it’s on the cheap menu.  The cod filet is larger than the original so I’m sure it came out of the frozen section of the supermarket.  It also has a few slivers of lettuce which is more veggies than the original version.




Would I buy this sandwich again? Probably not.  They have a wide assortment of breakfast sandwiches, some made with pan friend spam or ham with a fried egg for about $10.  I’ll try the fried egg with ham next time.  I was hoping for a fresh portuguese bun or french baguette but it’s not a breakfast food for the bakery as it’s only available in the afternoons.  I got my bread fix but I was not hoping for sweet tasting bread.

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