Kavaklidere’s KKK – Kocabag Kalecik Karasi 2012

Posted: March 27, 2014 in wine
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Kocabag ages its wines in vats carved out of the side of the mountain.  Most wines are stored in stainless steel vats before moving into barrels.  Kocabag wines are stored in giant vats made out of volcanic rocks.  I think this feature separates Kocabag wines from the west, they are the only winery in the world to do this.  It should help that the wine is made from Turkey’s own Kalecik Karasi grapes so its not of french origin.  The grapes come out of the Kalecik district in Turkey


On first glance it’s a light colour red similar to a pinot.  I was able to taste blueberries while swishing.  I could taste the dryness of the Mediterranean climate along with vanilla notes and coffee.  It was easy to drink and went well with chicken mcnuggets.  It paired well with chicken.  It’s not a wine to drink with red meat as it lacks the spicy notes required to compliment more carnivorous offerings.  I would drink again to wind down an evening.  I drank it again 24 hrs later to find aerating and decanting is not required for this wine.

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