Blackberries are now in season for HK

Posted: March 27, 2014 in snack
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In my quest to develop an appreciation for wine I notice many wine connoisseurs reference blackberries as a fruity note they decipher.  I’m trying to develop my palette to pick up the luscious ripe blackberry notes.  It’s a good thing blackberries are in season in Hong Kong right now.  Imported blackberries cost $28-30 at the major supermarkets but the local variety is only $10.  The local varieties are less plump and carry a elongated cylinder shape vs the imports.  At 1/3 of the cost, I’ll take the local variety any day.

Blackberries have the most antioxidants per serving in the berry category.  Everyone raves about blueberries but blackberries are even better.  Eat up and enjoy.



Watch for the ninja obstacle underneath the box which makes it seem as though you have a big basket full of blackerries.  I figure the box was a little light on purchase but after consuming the first row I figure there would be another row underneath the foam.  check it out:

2014-03-27 14.30.02


lets start eating the second row underneath the foam pad.

2014-03-27 14.30.08



Not cool at it.

2014-03-27 14.30.16


HK 1, Pigsdrinkwine 0.


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