Little Lab in SOHO on 48-50 Staunton Street

Posted: March 15, 2014 in beer
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A new bar on Staunton Street had their grand opening on Thursday night.  Picture attached below for the location.  Thanks for the invite, drinks and appetizers.  I forgot to take pics as I was too busy taking advantage of their generosity.

I hope you guys have adventurous wines and craft beers.  It would be a shame to fall in line with every other bar on the street.  Great first night and the venue was packed with half the crowd overflowing onto the street.

2014-03-15 08.30.24


April 15 update:

I went back for a subsequent visit on my own dime.

These guys specialize in making cocktails infused with traditional chinese staple items that you will never think to use, giving the drink a very asian twist and making it healthy.  Think high alcohol and chinese teas.  They are also the only venue in the block with a hopping crowd, the rest were quite empty.

Say hi to this guy – 2014-04-15 08.30.51.  Super nice chap, thanks for the vodka shots.   I ordered a round of gin cocktails and he decided to throw in a round of vodka shots.


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