Dim Sum at the Sheung Wan Cooked Food Centre

Posted: March 14, 2014 in breakfast, food
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Look for this sign and you will find fresh made dim sum in the mornings.  They start the day at 4am and open an hour later.  At 4am, their dim sum chefs start work making everything fresh for the morning rush.  Dim Sum goes from 5am to 9am, best bet is to go around 7-8 a they will have their full selection.  I can’t read their menu but they have a lot of stuff you can order plus the beers are priced to fly off their shelves.  I can get tsing taos for less than the corner 7-11s and it’s the big bottles.Image

I should have taken a photo of their steamers left out in the open so you see the bamboo baskets in action.  They have everything from the steam buns to the rice rolls, spring rolls to pan fried turnip cakes and spare ribs on rice to lotus leaf rice.  If they don’t have it, they will make it for you right away.  Don’t be afraid to walk up and lift the lids to check the contents before ordering, they love it when you do that.  All dim sums comes with a fresh pot of tea.


A glutinous rice ball ($12) with beef rice rolls ($14).  $26.  I had to ask for fresh ginger to sprinkle on top after reading about its positive effects on health and well being.

The inside of the glutinous rice ball.  I have never seen one before so I had to order to take a picture.  It’s dense and very filling.Image


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