Thai Food in Sheung Wan Cooked Food Centre – Thai Good Taste

Posted: March 13, 2014 in food, lunch
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Look for this awning.  They have two locations within the same cafeteria to serve the lunch time rush.

We ordered the Hainanese chicken rice and the Spicy Lemongrass ground pork on rice.  It is off their lunch menu and each comes with your choice of drink.  A round of milk tea for each of us.  The meals did not come with soup nor can you purchase soup to accompany the meals.


The hainanese chicken with a serving of vegetable.  It came with chicken breast, the best part of the chicken.  The locals will disagree as dark meat is suppose to have a lot more flavour.  I’m a guy and I’m lazy so I prefer meat with every bite.  A thing I love about HK is the fact the locals despise white meat so restaurants are more than happy to give it you.  They can’t even give it away most days as the locals will complain.


The hainanese chicken rice comes with the oil rice.  Oil rice is cooked with the stock leftover from making the hainanese chicken.  It adds a lot of flavour.  It’s not the most healthy option but I am told one must seek out variety.


The pork rice was spicy.  Red peppers provide vibrant colour but its the green peppers blending in so well which provide the heat.  Meat sweats.  The dish was appetizing and full of flavour.  The green pepper seeds were a numbing surprise.


The meal spread.  No meal can be complete without soup.  Soup prepares the stomach for the onslaught of overeating.  As meals take a lot of energy to consume, its best to drink many glasses of water/tea or soup to fast track the process.  One avoids the normal HK food coma so unless siestas become normal, drink lots of water.  I ran over to another stall to purchase a large bowl of soup ($6).  The soup provided the balance to the carnivorous blend of thai food.

A complete nutritious meal for $80.  I have yet to figure how I can do any worst.


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