Happy Valley’s Gi Kee Guandong Seafood Restaurant w/ Kocabag Narince and Emir pairings

Posted: March 7, 2014 in dinner, wine
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Steamed razorclams with garlic soy vermicelli.


Lettuce hotpot.  Nice change from the usual smorgasbord of bad cuts of meat and weird vegetables.  A lot of garlic was used in the creation of this dish.


Gi Kee is famous for their crispy skin chicken (wind water chicken).  I made the mistake of not planning ahead and reserving one for dinner.  They were sold out by the time we were ready to order so we had to settle for the chicken with the sand dip.  It was tasty but I would have preferred to sample their signature dish.  We ordered half a chicken for $110


First wine for the evening, we paired it with the razor clams providing ample room for the seafood to shine.   I smell citrus and pears.  It was fruity tasting to which I am told is a compliment to the heavy garlic after taste in the razor clams.    It drunk well with the first few dishes – tea and soup.  We had ordered a peppery pork stomach soup and the wine was the elixir of choice to water down the heat.  The Narince grapes are native to Turkey and unlike anything you will ever taste.  Very affordable wine too as it retails for $200.


Kocabag Emir with the stereotypical HK blue girl beer ice bucket in the background.  The Emir is suppose to be vibrant but I found it underwhelming.  It had the same citrus notes on open but I wasn’t enjoying it the same as the Narince.  Emir grapes are another variety native only to Turkey.  Hello to speed drinking.  It was a waste of white wine.  The Kocabag wines taste very different compared to the competition.  The Kocabag winery is the only place in the world where the fermentation and storage tanks are made out of volcanic ash (tuff).  I suppose this process imparts a very distinct taste onto their wines.  This is the type of sexy exotic feature I want my wines to have, going against the grain and doing things others dare not.

The plastic table cloth, plastic chopsticks and plastic beer bucket is tell tale sign one is eating at a fine dining establishment.  It’s all about the food at this restaurant.  We ordered 4 dishes (no photos of the blanched prawns), two soups, no corkage fee and total for 4 people was $718.


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