Wan Chai’s Qi – House of Sichuan

Posted: March 6, 2014 in dinner

I eat here quite often.  I have  been to this restaurant over 10 times.  I go through the same routine each time – trial by fire with my sense of taste and smell loving the sichuan peppers and my stomach liquifying all the contents into a mess in under one hour.  I can’t explain why I do it to myself but if you’re eating sichuan for the first time, eat half a bowl of rice before ingesting any of the main dishes.  A visiting friend had the following to say about sichuan food “Man, spicy sichuan is violent on the stomach! It gave me the runs! I hope it’s not food poisoning”  The poor guy was scared to fart for fear of leaving tracers in his shorts.  I would imagine he was sharting all night.  It never gets old watching the NA stomach handle a douse of spicy sichuan, guys squeamish in the seats, excusing themselves to the bathroom only to return sitting on one ass cheek.  Jalapenos and habeneros holds nothing compared to ma la (numbing) sichuan.

Qi is perfect for the NA stomach.  It’s not too spicy compared to some of the other sichuan places while still being authentic.  The must-try dishes on their menu have the little Qi symbol.  Of the must-try dishes, I always order the same thing:


First up Mouth Watering Chicken.  This dish is served cold as an appetizer.  It’s a normal steamed white chicken with a blend of sichuan sauce on top.


Next the Mala Chicken.  I find the taste similar to the Mouth Watering Chicken but this one is served hot.  It’s also a main dish rather than an appetizer.  I recommend ordering one or the other but not both.  Too much chicken.


This is the main dish, Braised Fish in Chili Oil.  This is sure to set your stomach on fire.  It’s spicy to the point the server must stand beside you to parcel out the first round into bowls so you don’t ingest the peppers by accident.  There’s roughly 5-6 fillets in a bed of potato noodles, mushrooms and beansprouts.  Welcome to Sichuan food at its finest.


Spicy Prawns.  Each order has 5 giant prawns.  Make sure you tell the waiter you want the dry prawns.  Nothing out of the ordinary, the prawns are covered in a batter which gives it a great kick.

Other dishes I usually order are the Scallion Ginger Beef and Cumin Lamb with Roasted Chili.

The bill usually works out to 300-500/person.  The most I ever paid was 500/person and that was with 3 people ordering their staple items.  Bring more friends and the bill drops to 300/person.

I would love it if they served beer from China in keeping with their sichuan flavour rather than plain jane Asahis for 60.  Happy hour is not their crowd but the restaurants on ground level and the Pawn (their neighbor) have happy hour specials.  I would hate to make a reservation, go somewhere for happy hour, get drunk and have to cancel my reservation all because I wanted to take advantage of hh specials elsewhere.  If they could provide a list of craft beers and exciting wines (not found at other restaurants and supermarkets), this place would be perfect.  It’s already perfect as is but if they could fine tune it to offer the hot chinese drinks found at hutong… (I may never have to go to hutong ever again).  There must be drinks native only to Sichuan which they can bring in giving it a better sichuan flavour.

  1. bluebalu says:

    I agree – fantastic place! I loved it too! Good blog btw

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