Sai Kung’s Sawaddee Thailand

Posted: March 6, 2014 in lunch
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You will be sitting in an alleyway.  This is the view from one end of the building looking out to Fuk Man street.


Hainese chicken rice, $38 and you can request chicken breast.  It comes with the soup.  It was very good and you can’t go wrong with the price point.  Too often people travel out to Sai Kung for fresh seafood but the price points are very similar to Lamma Island.  It’s now strictly a tourist trap.  Don’t bother asking locals for recommendations as they don’t eat there.  I was able to find this place because I got lost looking for the Golden Chicken Singapore Chicken Rice restaurant.  To get to it, you have to pass by this thai place and it was jam packed.  The dipping sauce for the chicken was spicy and tangy.  I have yet to encounter the same type in Kowloon City’s thai district.  I prefer this place to the Kowloon City thai restaurants.


The food spread.  Thai Fried Morning Glory to provide vegetables allowing the stomach to process the food at a quicker pace.  BBQ pork neck thai style with a heaping of white rice.  The soup has melon and cilantro and on first taste, I would imagine its slow cooked over a long period of time as the melon melts in your mouth.  The shrimp balls were nothing spectacular.

Total Damage $180 for two people


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