First session with Dead Frog Brewery

Posted: March 6, 2014 in beer
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I imagine the India Pale Ale is their take on NA’s Indian Pale Ale which has been all the rage in the west coast over the past 4-5 years.  This one is noticeably different – it’s very bitter (beer terminology: hoppy).




The Vienna lager was a lot easier on my palette.  It has a nutty flavour with a hazelnut after taste.  I should have drank the lager first before consuming the ale.

Both beers were had characteristics not found in more main stream offerings.  With the major labels controlling most of the alcohol distribution and manufacturing, the growth in craft beers will give consumers a choice.  Craft beers provide the medium for everyone to love beers.  It’s no longer a male dominated industry as they can easily create beers catering to the female palette.  I for one prefer fruity beers – raspberry hefeweizen was flavour which started it all for me.

Tonight – I try to develop an appreciation for Mediterranean wines.


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