No trip to HK complete without going to Hutong in TST

Posted: March 5, 2014 in dinner, expensive, food
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Out of town friends must make a visit to Hutong in TST.  It has the best view of HK Island and great food for the western palette.  We’re suckers for things with a nice view.  At or around 8:30pm they have a chef making noodles for everyone to watch.  I wouldn’t bother with the wines or beers.  There is nothing special or out of the ordinary on the menu.  One can only hope for wines not available at other restaurants and craft beers.  They do have hot/warm chinese liquor which is great for sore throats, similar to a hot toddy.

I took my friends last year and on return this year they did request Hutong.  We ordered the exact same menu items.  The crispy de-boned lamb.  Peking duck.  Hunnan style steam fish.  Imagine three steam fillets with a mountain of fried garlic on top.  A soup veggie dish.  Don’t bother with the mango pudding (3 fish) as my mango pudding connoisseur (he has to finish off every meal in HK with mango pudding) of a friend hated it.

Hutong charges a premium for it’s food.  You are paying for the view as it provides a great backdrop of the HK skyline.  If you time it right, you can see the famous HK laser light show which is now no longer anything special.  The decor will wow most people.  It’s the perfect venue for expense accounts.  3 people worked out to $2600HKD.  Must love the still water in the first pic.  It has a wonderful way of racking up my bills.



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