Craft Beers in HK

Posted: March 5, 2014 in beer

I love beers.  It’s easier to control than hard liquor (it won’t floor you) and I lack the refine palette to compliment my food with a wine pairing.  Beers are blue collar and suits me just fine.  People are always on the binge to curb carb consumption and the beer fans seem to all have one thing in common, beer bellies.  I was shocked to discover HK’s wide variety of beers which are not available at home.  I have never tasted Blue Girl until arrival in HK and still cannot reason why it demands a premium pricing over Tsing Taos.  With the legions of expats which make HK home it was sheer joy to discover craft beer importers.  HK has been my home for the past 2 years and Octoberfest was the premiere event to attend, now it’s Beertopia.

I don’t quite understand the economics behind craft beers in HK just yet.  I understand the pricing may cost more than more mainstream offerings for the time being.  They can’t make large quantities as it’s a closest artisan industry and larger production would entail lost of initial cult following and selling out.  It’s a high cost, low margin game for these guys and I applaud them for doing their own thing and challenging the status quo.  If a bottle of beer costs $5 at the 7/11, I have no issue paying double the price for something distinctly different.  The economics no longer work when each bottle of beer commands a $30-50 price point.  I thought the whole goal was to raise awareness to this craft industry allowing more people to learn about the different nuances in the hopes of building a new market.  I love the entrepreneurial nature of the guys willing to do it.

I was a subscriber to the Bottle Shop in SaiKung and enjoyed their monthly samples.  They sent over Mountain Goat, de Molen, Appleman and 8Wired.  8Wired had the most fruity offerings, deMolen’s packaging was the best and I can’t remember the other two.

The boys are Thirsty Brothers were kind enough to send over a 6 bottle sampler and I love the distinct tastes.  I’m a big fan of fruity beers and my next post will document the tasting.

from the boys at Thirsty Brothers

from the boys at Thirsty Brothers


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