best Chili in HK?

Posted: March 5, 2014 in food

I have yet to find mexican food rivaling the quality and price point of home. HK needs Chipotle and my emails inundate corporate with frantic requests to allow me the honour of helping them grow their Asia footprint. In the quest to find awesome Mexican fare, I have sampled Little Burro, Tequilla Jacks and Socialito. Tacos generally work out to $1.50usd back home.

Tequilla Jacks has a terrible take on taco tuesdays for $10hkd.  It’s only $10 so it cannot hurt the pocketbook but I hate being robbed of valuable stomach space.  Socialito has expensive gourmet taco tuesdays that come out to $50hkd ($7USD).  Little Buro has the best option and they expanding to Sheung Wan.  I can’t wait.  They are the best substitute for Chipotles.

As I can’t seem to find a good fix for Mexican, I have recently started experimenting with making Chili.  All the ingredients I take for granted back home can only be found in gourmet supermarkets.  I guess no more USDA prime ground chuck meat.  The goal is to take advantage of the wonderful produce and meat available in HK.  As I cannot bring myself to trust the meat coming out of China, that has left me with sampling varieties of vegetarian chili.

My gf made a batch for group consumption – Superbowl party at 8am in the morning.

gf chili

gf chili

I made chili to try to rival her endeavour – mine is strictly for personal consumption.  It lacked everything important to Chili.  At least it made a decent tomato sauce but there was too much stuff in there to fathom adding pasta.  Onto the only positive – it was very healthy and that’s my saving grace.

2014-02-13 12.24.05


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